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Elders with their vendors at Brahman Week

5th 6th  &  7th October ...

Brahman Week 

5th 6th  &  7th October 

CQLX Gracemere 

Spirited bidding is expected for the 860 head catalogued  Red and Grey  Bulls this year’s 3-day Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale (RBWS) auction in early October.

Buyers will have plenty of choice representing the superior bloodlines and impressive stock quality that has long been associated with the annual RBWS event.

Selling is set to commence at 8 am Monday, 5th October.

DAY ONE ELDERS  Elders Lot 1 to 77 & Elders Lot 157 TO 233

DAY TWO ELDERS Elders Lot 416 to 539 &  Elders Lot 568 to 607

DAY THREE ELDERS Elders Lot 628 to 711 & Elders Lot 747 to 827

Elders again  showcasing their vendors stars for Brahman Week 

jimmy 1

 Elders Brahman Week Vendors  

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