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Glenlea Beef Fairfield Charolais Winton sale.



Launching our bull sales for 2024

Glenlea Beef and Fairfield Charolais Winton sale


100% Clearance  


Average $9,557

Top $17,000 lot 4 purchased by JWG Contracting “Beaufort” Alpha

 Sale gross $334,500. 

Video Report with Micheal Smith and Roderick Binny





Winton Bulls Videos of the Lots Click

videos glenlea 2024



Clermont 16 August, 40 bulls

Roma on 18th September with 60 bulls.

Glenlea Beef’s seedstock program has evolved over the years to the point where we sell our seedstock year round and provide premium marketing options to our clients for their seedstock and commercial cattle.

We are a full service seedstock provider for the 21st century and spend equal amounts of effort on farm with our clients and at home.




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