Wild River Concrete Troughs

Wild River Concrete Troughs....


“Wild River Concrete manufacture a wide range of reputable precast concrete products that are built to last. 

We currently supply to over 80 agents throughout throughout Queensland, upper NSW and the Northern Territory. 

Whether it’s a large trough for a split fence set up, a smaller trough for your stock yards or a hot dipped galvanized grid for your property, we have you covered. We have placed a strong emphasis on protecting your float from stock with options of a hot dipped galvanized cage or a concrete lid. 

We also have a construction arm that works closely in the feedlot and agricultural sector.

We specialise in concrete construction in feedlots including slipforming feedbunk & Apron, trough slabs and commodity sheds.

We have drafting services that can draw up plans for works you wish to undertake at very competitive rates.”

Our factory can manufacture pre-fabricated products for delivery to your site.

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