Mareeba Cattle Market

  • Location: Mareeba
  • Yarding: Yarded 566

  • Tuesday 13th November 2018

    Total yarding 566 

    Mareeba Highlights

    Great Result for Fat Catte at the Mareeba Sale today.


    4 Ox a/c DJ Pastoral 292.2 c/kg 491.3kg $1435.43 p/head

    3 Ox a/c K & M Teece 289.2 c/kg 573.3kg $1658.08 p/head


    1 Hfr a/c DJ Pastoral 239.2 c/kg 515.0kg $1231.88 p/head

    Yard averaged 223.9 c/kg or $780.60/ head

    256 bulls averaged 208.4c/kg selling to a top of 273.2c/kg

    57 cows averaged 218.9c/kg selling to a top of 244.2c/kg

    56 heifers averaged 223.6c/kg selling to a top of 243.2c/kg

    99 steers averaged 270.6c/kg selling to a top of 292.2c/kg

    29 yearling heifers averaged 210.6c/kg selling to a top of 228.2c/kg

    65 yearling steers averaged 253.2c/kg selling to a top of 278.2c/kg

     take two


    25289172 1740005842679381 2479501932797991513 n


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