Mareeba Cattle Market

Location: Mareeba
Yarding: 548
Report Date: Tuesday, 21 May 2024

 Ians Sale Sale Report - 21st May 2024

 There were 548 head yarded in Mareeba by the Mareeba Combined Agents Inc.

The yarding comprised mainly of cows, from slaughter through to forward store condition, with 320 cows on offer in total.

The balance of the yarding was fairly good quality. There was some good quality crossbred steers and a nice run of Charbray heifers.

Heavy steers in the 400-600kg weight category made 232cents/kg, to average 208cents/kg.

There were some lesser quality steers on offer, and these went for under 180cents/kg. In the cows there was some very good quality heavy condition cows on offer, 25 head in the over 500kg range.

These cows made 185cents/kg, to average 170cents/kg. In the forward store condition cows, 400-500kg weight range, prices got to a top of 186cents/kg, to average 165.9cents/kg, and in the lighter weight store cows, 300-400kg, these got to 156cents/kg to average 121cents/kg.

Bulls in the over 500kg weight range, made 198cents/kg, while lighter weight herd bulls, 300-500kg weight range, made 200cents/kg. Overall, the fat market held up well and prices are similar to other saleyards.

In the store market, there was more competition amongst buyers but the number of cattle on offer was down a bit.

Good quality steers in the 300-400kg weight range got to 248cents/kg, while in the 200-300kg weight range, prices went to a top of 232cents/kg.

Both these lines average around 220cents/kg. In the heifers, demand continues to be limited, with prices getting to a top of 178cents/kg.

The Mareeba Combined Agents Inc. will be running a Special Store Sale on Friday 14th June. Contact us today to book in your cattle.


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