Monto Sale Report

Report Date: Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Monto Sale Report 10th August

KellCo Rural Agencies yarded 457 head for the fortnightly fat and store sale held on the 10th August 2022. Cattle were drawn from all local area’s along with the Boyne Valley, Banana, Moura and Biloela. A small selection of fat cattle came to hand along with a good yarding of weaners.

Sale highlights

Braford x Bull account Galloway Pastoral sold to 366.2c at 440Kg for $1611.28

Brahman steers account N Mossman sold to 340.2c/kg at 615kg for $2092.23

Charolais x steers account A Peardon sold to 339.2c/kg at 668kg for $2266.99

Brahman cows account PJ & SE Gray sold to 309.2c/kg at 543kg for $1679.99

Droughtmaster cows account of Black & Gold Dairies sold to 316.2c/kg at 562kg for $1778.63

Braford x steers account DC Wyatte sold to 642.2c/kg at 237kg for $1525.23

Droughtmaster Steers account Ashenhurst Partnership sold to 614.2c/kg at 244kg for $1500.95

Simmental steers account TM Reimer sold to 614.2c/kg at 290kg for $1781.18

Simmental steers account RM & LK Reimer sold to 614.2c/kg at 277kg for $1701.33

Droughtmaster steers account SP & HO Mossman sold to 548.2c/kg at 295kg for $1620.62

Charolais steers account TS Bourke sold to 552.2c/kg at 327kg for $1808.46

Droughtmaster x heifers account PG & DL Sinclair sold to 460c/kg at 345kg for $1587

Simmental heifers account RM & LK Reimer sold to 470.2c/kg at 245kg for $1151.99

Simmental heifers account Hampson Grazing sold to 478.2c/kg at 262kg for $1255.28

Brangus heifers account G & J Pierce sold to 504.2c/kg at 188kg for $950.78

Droughtmaster x Cows & Calves account Craig Lang sold to $2200.

Our next Fortnightly Fat & Store Sale will be held on Wednesday 24th August.

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