Weekly Sale Reports NSW/QLD with Darren

Location: Darren Perkins from George & Fuhrmann Weekly Sale reports video around NSW /QLD
Report Date: Friday, 22 May 2020



Darren Perkins George and Fuhrmann.

Will be reporting each week on the Market in NSW /QLD. 

Weekly wrap-up of the sales in NSW / QLD this week Darren. reports that heifers are making big money its up there with the steer market in New South Wales.

Darren reports this is the dearest market he seen in May in his career.

 Weekly wrap up with Darren 


It was a good quality yarding with a very good selection of trade cattle which included a consignment of prime heifer yearlings from a southern feedlot. Cows and grown heifers were well supplied though there were only odd lots of grown steers. Most of the regular buyers were in attendance however one feeder order was absent. Trade cattle were 5c dearer with prime vealers selling to 412c, while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 378c to 409c with the heavier weights averaging 399c/kg. The secondary feeder heifers were cheaper while the better heifers and feeder steers were 5c/kg dearer. Feeder steers sold from 368c to 421c, while the feeder heifers sold from 360c to 395c/kg. Young cattle to the restockers continue to sell well with the young steers selling from 380c to 570c and the young restocker heifers sold from 340c to 536c/kg. Prime grown steers and heifers were 10c dearer with the steers selling from 308c to 360c, while the heifers sold from 301c to 369c/kg. Cows were firm to 4c dearer, with the light and medium weights selling from 234c to 302c to the restockers and 288c/kg to the processors. The prime heavy weight cows sold from 290c to 322c to average 308c/kg. Bulls sold to 316c/kg

20TH May

Numbers were up slightly for a yarding of 1,567 head. Around 1,000 young cattle were sold, consisting mainly of vealers, along with a smaller number of yearlings through the sale this week. Quality was fairly good with several runs of well bred cattle offered, however there was also a few lines of light plain weaners through the sale. The market saw most of the cattle go to restockers, at slightly easier prices, especially for the plain type weaners. Prices however held strong for the runs of well-bred and conditioned cattle, with restocker weaner steers selling to a top of 494c and the
heifers to 446c/kg. Yearling steers ranged from 360c to 408c, and heifers topped at 405c/kg. There was several pens of well finished heavy steers and bullocks that ranged from 313c to 345c to be up by 10c to 15c and heifers sold to 328c/kg. The cow market improved by 20c with 3 score medium weights averaging 280c and heavy cows sold top a top of 318c, while heavy bulls topped at 326c/kg

11th MAY
The numbers increased with a large percentage being cows. There was a good supply of vealers. Numbers only fair in the other categories. The quality of the offering was fair to good as was condition. Some very good cows and a few well finished young cattle to suit processors. All regular buyers were in attendance and there was increased processor and feedlot participation. There were varying trends through the young cattle with strong restocker competition in places. Light and medium weight vealer steers to restockers sold to slightly cheaper trends with some quality related price change. The heavier weights sold on a firm trend with an odd dearer sale, also quality related. Medium weight yearling feeder steers sold toa dearer trend. Well finished steers to the trade sold to dearer trends with some strong gains in places. Yearling heifers saw little but quality related change. Again the well finished trade heifers were dearer. Heavy grown steers to process sold to cheaper trends. The well finished heifers were dearer. The increased competition saw well finished cows experience strong price improvement. There was little change in the plainer condition cows. Restockers were active on good quality cows.


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