Karmoo Brahmans Annual on Property Bull Sale 2022

Sep 09, 2022 - 11:00am

Karmoo Brahmans

Annual on Property Bull Sale

9th September 2022

Marmordale, Clermont

Once again we extend a big welcome to the ‘Karmoo Brahmans’ Bull Sale.

For those who find the time to attend, we hope you enjoy the day and invite you to stay for a free feed and drinks afterwards.

We are very proud of our cattle and feel very honored to present a selection of them to you. Inspection of all bulls is from 8am sale day or any time prior by appointment.

Elders Logo 4 colour 1

Elders Anthony Ball 0428275499

Elders Clermont 07 4988 5000.

Please feel free to come and view the bulls at any time prior or give us a call on 07) 4985 3556 to discuss your needs.

Lance, Sonia and Kirstin Faint

Photos soon 



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