Murdeduke Angus Rockhampton Bull Sale 2023

Aug 28, 2023 - 9:00am

Murdeduke Angus bull sale

Gracemere Monday, 28™ august, 2023

Gracemere selling complex, Rockhampton

90 rising two-year-old bulls

Preview time: 10am

Sale time: 1pm

Murdeduke Angus

Simon Falkiner  0407 319 967


Lachie Wilson 0409 256 417 


Josh Heck  0409 732 676 

Georgie Connor 0428 347 550 

Mark Scholes 0409 694 696 

Kim Ellis  STOCKLVE (live bidding )


catalogue murd

Check out the Bulls buyers They tick all the boxes

Lot 1 CSWS187 inside Front top

LOT 1 Heifer Option. Suited to heifers but with Geddes as his sire he should add plenty of thickness and shape to his progeny.

Lot 2 CSWS512 Inside Front middle

LOT 2  A home bred bull with a pedigree that goes back to K304 the granddam of Murdeduke Quarterback one of the industries most used and successful bulls in recent years. S512 is an ideal cow bull ticking all the growth and carcase boxes serious steer producers have.

Lot 11 CSWS421 inside back top

LOT 11  A super thick, heavily muscled bull who will deliver those extra kilos for those looking for heavy weight steers. His top 8% feed efficiency and top 3% retail beef yield all show up in the bull himself.

Lot 20 CSWS174 Inside back bottom

LOT 20  Heifer Option. Another outstanding Pheasantry son with exceptional carcase EBVs top 1% for IMF positive fats and sleep easy calving ease. One not to be missed if you are chasing calving ease and high carcase merit.

Lot 22 CSWS617 Inside back middle

LOT 22 One of my favourite bulls in the catalogue, he has movie star eye appeal, has dumb quiet docility and exceptional growth and carcase EBVs including top 7% retail beef yield.

Lot 27 CSWS404 Inside Front bottom

LOT 27 Heifer Option. A very easy doing , clean shouldered bull that will add value to both heifer and cow joinings. Ideal for cleaning up rough, hard doing cows that need muscle and fat added. Top 7% EMA, top 5% fats and birth weight.


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