GNF Historic 2 Day Sale

Outstanding Results

George and Fuhrmann's annual weaner sales in Casino.


6,000 Head Average $1702. 

Includes 3,000 Heifers 3,000 Steers 

Held in Atrocious weather conditions.

Day One

Casino on Thursday with honey gold Charolais cross weaners waiting under cover at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange where steers topped at $2356 and heifers were not far behind.

On day one of the special George and Fuhrmann weaner sales 3394 weaner steers and heifers were yarded, filling the aisles with a uniform likeness that was noticed by buyers who keenly bid all the way through. Steers averaged 563 cents a kilogram or $1792 at 318kg to reach a top of 700c/kg and $2356 while the heifer portion averaged 557c/kg or $1623 at 291kg reaching a top of 640c/kg and $2165.

 GFN Darren Perkins Wrap up   


Day Two of the George and Fuhrmann weaner sales on Friday, under cover at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange, Casino, featured 2575 head of indicus infusion dominated by Santa Gertrudis/Hereford.

Heifers trumped the show to average $1690 at 597 cents a kilogram and reaching a top of $2240 and 674c/kg.

The steers averaged $1677 at 555c/kg and peaked at $2023 and 662c/kg.

Buyers took the calves west to Goondiwindi, north to Meandarra, Qld, south to Hunter and up onto the northern New England.


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