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Viva Brahmans Sale Bulls (Wilangi )

Viva Brahmans have a Draft of 25 reg Bulls Bound for Wilangi Sale

  Viva Brahmans Sale team. Alistair and Pam Davison Viva Brahmans have a Draft of 25 Registered Bulls bound for Wiliangi sale on 30th November at Charters Towers. Cast your eyes over the great line up they have prepared for the sale. Special attention should be applied on Lot 27 a big dark grey sire of excellent pigment masculinity, and tremendous breed character, he all the...

EL JA Brahmans Bulls for Nebo Sale

A draft of 12 bulls for the Beef Country Sale at Nebo

EL JA Brahmans Bulls for Nebo Sale   Brahman stud stock producers Les and Helen Donald Theodore have prepared a draft of 12 bulls for the Beef Country Sale at Nebo on the 16th November. EL JA Brahmans Lot 7 this bull is an attractive quality prospect that will catch the eye of astute beef producers, length and looseness of skin and a strong head with plenty of character. You be the...

Crinum Brahmans Nebo Draft

Crinum has an exceptional draft for this years sale

    Crinum Brahmans Nebo Sale Team John, Cheryl and Terry Randell  Crinum Brahmans  team for Nebo has something that will take your herd to new heights. Crinum Brahmans puts a lot emphasises in temperament, soundness, and evaluation, when selling cattle and the Beef Country Sale is no exception with a great draft prepared just for the Nebo clients on 16th November....

Hazelton Brahman Bulls for Nebo Sale

Hazelton Brahmans draft for the Beef Country Brahman Bull Sale....

  Hazelton Brahmans  A special draft of bulls has been selected for buyer’s competition both Reds and Greys on the 16th November at the Undercover selling arena at Nebo. Brett Kirk and Family have selected powerful sires, in these sale bulls. In the red’s buyers check out Lot 16 he is a sire that will power on and do the job with a good red colour has a good head and breed...

Raglan Brahmans Wilangi Sale Bulls 2018

50 most outstanding young sires

RAGLAN BRAHMANS     Raglan will be offering 50 most outstanding young sires at the Wilangi Invitation sale November 30TH 2018 at Charter Towers. This year’s sale team is very impressive to the eye. Check out Lot 177 the 2yo son of Victory, the BEEF 2015 Interbreed Grand Champion, he is an impressive white grey showing strong breed character and style, and a good head. It...

11 November 1918 the guns fell silent

Three very Important events happened on this day for Australians.

      Three very Important events happened on this dayWhy is this day special to Australians? With Terry O'Hanlon. 1 At 11 am on 11 November 1918 the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. The allied armies had driven the German invaders back, having inflicted heavy defeats upon them over the preceding four months. In...

Wilangi Brahmans Sale Bulls (2018)

The Sale is in its 31st year

  WILANGI BRAHMANS SALE BULLS   Ron and Bev, Robert Mandy White’s Wilangi Sale Team  The Sale is in its 31st year and is on Friday 30th November at Dalrymple Saleyards. Wilangi Brahmans draft this year is outstanding buyers run your eyes over Lot 19 He’s a real stand out good hindquarter and sheaf real beef machine.   FOR BREEDING CLICK ON IMAGE  LOT 19 A...

70 Cows & Calves (For Sale )


SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD  70 Cows & Calves For Sale A line of Young Brahman & Brahman X Breeders with Calves at foot ranging from Fresh - 4 months, with the majority of Calves being 8 - 10 weeks of age.Cows are approx. 80% Straight Coloured, Reds, Honeys & Greys with balance being mixed Coloured. Number of Head: 70 Cows & Calves, Brahman & Brahman X Age: 2 - 7...

400 Cows & Calves FOR SALE

Frame 10% Large, 70% Medium & 20% Smaller.

  400 Cows & Calves  Approx. 400 Cows & Calves available (650 Cows in the paddock). Cows 4 - 10 years main run 5 - 8 years. 50% Brahman X Cows (Brangus / Charbray X types) / 50% Brahman Cows. Frame 10% Large, 70% Medium & 20% Smaller. Calves 6 months - Green. Predominantly by Good Quality Brangus & Charolais Bulls, small % by Brahman Bulls. 50% Brahman X Cows...

176 Brahman Heifers ( FOR SALE )

4 Decks @ 44 Head /deck SOLD

  SOLD SOLD SOLD    176 Brahman Heifers SOLD 4 Decks @ 44hd/deck. Nice soft Heifers, been in hand a week. With time will make future Breeders. Cattle  For Sale 176  Brahman Heifers  Breed: Brahman: 70% Grey / 15% Red / 15% Xbred & Black/Brangus Age: No. 8  On property 80km South of Croydon Weight: Low: 130kg Weight: High: 260kg Weight:...


140 bulls on Offer

Gold City Sale  140 bulls on Offer November 2nd 9am start TOP GREY $27,000 TOP OF THE REDS   The annual Gold City Brahman Sale is set to be bigger and better with a total of 140 bulls from 19 vendors ready for auction on 2 November. Selling will commence at 9 am at the Charters Towers Saleyards, where 101 registered sires and 38 herd bulls will go under the hammer....

120 VGQ “Bernborough Bloodline” Droughtmaster (Cows & Calves )

Approximately 35% of the calves have been branded with the lead ready to wean

FOR SALE  120 VGQ “Bernborough Bloodline” Droughtmaster Cows & Calves. There are 2 paddocks of cows that can be sold as 1 or kept separate on 2 B – Doubles. They are Medium to Large frame Cows that look to weigh from 360 – 580 kg to average around 440 kg. They range from 5 to 11 years of age with majority being 7- or 8-year old’s. There are only a handful of cows over...

Wallton Downs Brahman Stud (Gold City Sale)

Selling 4 Herd Bulls at Gold City Sale

  Wallton Downs Brahman Stud Bon Wall stud principle of Wallton Downs has 4 herd bulls bound for Gold City Sale on the 2nd November. The four bulls are very robust bulls cast your eyes over Lot 64 buyers he is by Samari Plains Nolan polled bull with length and depth is a very handy bull. All have been vaccinated 3 Day,7 in 1, Botulism,3-Germ. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR BREEDING AND ...

Karmoo Brahmans (Gold City Bulls)

A powerful team of seven greys bound for Gold City

  Karmoo Brahmans Karmoo Brahmans bound for Gold City Sale with a powerful team of seven greys. The Faint Family have all of the bulls run on natural pasture and do not get any supplementary feed except for sale preparation, all bulls are eligible for registration. Karmoo strive to breed cattle that perform in any environment and encourage you to come and inspect them on sale day.

Glenborough Brahmans (Gold City Bulls)

Great draft of bulls for Gold City Sale from the Pope Family

  Glenborough Brahmans Stud will be offering six Grey Brahman bulls at this year’s Gold City Brahman Sale on the 2nd November Lots 101-106. Lance and Karen have some very strong genetics in this years draft, buyers check out Lot 103 he is  Hudgins very large frame bull with excellent body, bone and depth. Exceptional quality and temperament in the Glenborough Brahmans...

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