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Brahman Week Bulls HH PARK

Draft of six bulls for Brahman Week

HH PARK BRAHMAN WEEK BULLS  HH Park Brahmans have top line-up of six bulls for this year’s Brahman Week Sale. This year’s draft is a credit to vendors Don and Julie on the presentation of the bulls on offer at this year’s Sale. LOT 248 Caught my eye as sire material an early maturing bull with great potential a bull that has sire written all over him and is well worth an...

Savannah Brahmans

Three Greys by Megatron Manso Lots 320,321,322

Savannah Brahmans Bound for Brahman Week  Savannah team for Brahman Week this year is three Grey bulls and one Red bull Lot 730. Selling on day two the greys and the red bull on day three. We all remember the bull Megatron Manso that Vic purchased at Rockhampton Brahman week sale for $60,000 in 2012. The three outstanding greys are by Megatron and have that sire appeal of Megatron....

Hamdenvale six for Brahman Week

Very eye catching bulls in the Hamdenvale Draft

Hamdenvale Draft of six bulls  Cast your eyes over this draft of six bull’s heading to Brahman week from the Hamdenvale Stud. Check out the qualities which surround these bulls the one that caught my eye was Lot 150 if you are looking for genetics and a readymade sire, well you had better run your eyes over this JDH Reno son, look at the length, depth, great bone, faultless temperament...

Yoman Brahman ( Bulls for Brahman Week )

A draft of 19 Bulls heading into the ring day One & Two

Yoman Bulls for Brahman Week..... A stud that's needs no introduction to the Brahman ring will be putting a draft of 19 bulls for the buyers competition. Two runs on Day One Lots 95-98 and 280-282 and Day Two Lots 601-612.. Buyers pay special attention to Lot 601 he will pack some punch in your herd. Buyers can feel confident in the Yoman Studs Draft A must inspect draft of bulls CLICK...

Malabar Red Brahman Bound for Rocky

Selling 5 bulls three are polled

MALABAR RED BRAHMANS You won’t be disappointed with the long wait for these outstanding reds to come into the ring buyers. Selling five bulls at this year’s Brahman Week lots 886 - 890 and 3 are polled. Shake the dust out of your eyes buyers powerful polled bulls for your competition they will lift any herd to new heights. These bulls are sort after genetics in the Brahman industry....

Carrinyah Park Bulls for Brahman Week

15 Bulls bound for Rocky

Carrinyah Park Bulls 15 Bulls bound for Rocky What a great draft of 15 bulls the Bartolo family are selling at this year's sale. Take a good look at Lot 79 and Lot 80 both are polled bulls plenty of depth, bone, and length very handy bull’s buyers but you are the judges. This year’s bulls are a must inspect buyers. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR BREEDING 

Kangarin Brahmans Bulls Rocky Bound

Lots 6-7 Day one Lots 645- 648 and 732-733 Day three.

Kangarin Brahmans Nick Dudarko Kangarin Brahmans has a top draft of bulls for Brahman Week on the first day Lots 6 and 7 two very handy greys. Lot 6 a grey bull is half South African bloodlines, from Sydney Hunt's herd real robust type of bull. Lot 7 Full South African Sire - New Blood Line Nick was very fortunate to acquire this blood line. Selling 3/4 share and full possession. Semen...

Hazelton Brahman Bulls

Brahman Week Day One Lots 13 - 21 Day Two Lots 460 - 483

    Brett and Susan Kirk and family of Hazelton Brahmans are selling at Brahman Week on days One and Two. Hazelton Brahmans need no introduction to the selling ring, bulls that are real sire material, go out in any herd and take the herd on to new heights. Coming into the ring early on day one with Lots 13 – 21 bulls that will go out and do the job. Day two selling Lots 460 -...

Billabong Brahmans ( Brahman week Bulls )

Lots 745 - 754

Billabong Brahmans... The Hicks Family have very correct bulls heading to Brahman week from the Billabong Stud. Billabong bulls for this year’s sale are a very even line of bulls with Lots 745-754 coming in on the third day You know the bulls buyers a must inspect.  CLICK ON IMAGES FOR BREEDING 

Moongool Brahmans (Brahman Week )

Four Bulls for ringside

Moongool Brahmans Ivan Price and Family have got a draft of four at Brahman Week. Lots 408-411 Buyers run your eyes over Lot 409 Moongool Mr Haulmark (IVF) (H) He’s by Elrose Trademark I reckon he is a must inspect at the sale. Hear is a couple that will keep your eyes open at the sale  CLICK ON IMAGE FOR BREEDING     

Wallton Downs ( Brahman Week bulls )

Buyers run your eyes over Lot 769

Wallton Downs Bon Wall of Wallton Downs has three bulls for this year’s Brahman Week. First of the Wallton Downs bulls to enter the ring is Lot 767 a smooth and quite bull with good colour, very similar bull in Lot 768 as well. Shake the dust out of your eyes buyers Lot 769 has that sire appeal that we look for in a bull but you be the judge and inspect Wallton Downs Brahman Week bulls....

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