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PRIME AND STORE SALE (Charters Towers )

All descriptions were keenly sought after


Friday – 16th October, 2020

Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 3,496 head.

Store Cattle consisted of 1,518 Steers, 432 Mickeys, 1,526 Heifers and 20 Cows & Calves.

A large yarding of mixed store cattle drew spirited competition from feedlotters, fatteners and Western bacgrounders.

Store cattle represented a broad cross-section of northern cattle with lots coming from Mt Isa, Collinsville, Richmond, Hughenden, Georgetown, Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise, Forsayth, Tully, Malanda as well as local and coastal areas.

Store Quotes:
Store cattle comprised of a number of large single vendor consignments as well as some smaller lots.

Records tumbled in a market that was very strong throughout. The trend saw steers average 20¢ dearer and Heifers averaged 10¢ dearer than last week’s rates.

 Sale Highlights

 A pen of 32 Steers a/c RJ, JJ & SR Hyden, made 388¢/kg to average 389kg, returning an average of $1,510 per head.

 A pen of 42 Steers a/c Condon Grazing, made 530¢/kg to average 205kg, returning an average of $1,087 per head.

 A good pen of 16 Heifers on a/c Lowis Investment, made 370¢/kg, weighing 358kg returning an average of $1,325 per head.

 A good pen of 29 Heifers on a/c Condon Grazing, made 436¢/kg, weighing 196kg returning an average of $855 per head.

 9 Cows & Calves sold a/c M Gibb returned $1,240 per unit.

 16.10.20 Charters Towers Store Sale - video Report With Nick

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