Dalby Report

Yarding: 4088 GDL 941
Report Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Dalby Sale Report 22nd May 

 Numbers were back in Dalby this week.

The usual panel of buyers were present and operating.

With large numbers of cattle seen across other saleyards most categories couldn’t maintain last week prices, however, the market was still relatively strong, especially in better lines.

Store cows experienced very little change; heavy cows saw the most significant reduction with a lot of cows 10c/kg behind last week’s rate.

Feeder steers sold firm on last week and trade and light feeder heifers were slightly better.


Charbray Cows sold by GC & JA Peck of Blackall to processors 234.2c/kg, 655.4kg, $1535.

Charbray Steers sold by GC & JA Peck of Blackall to processors 310.2c/kg, 717.2kg, $2225.

Limousin X Steers sold by GL Smith of Kingaroy to feedlotters 346.2c/kg, 491.7kg, $1702.

Angus Heifers sold by CB & FR Bartlett of Bowenville to feedlotters 315.0c/kg, 405.3kg, $1277.

Charbray Heifers sold by Lambert Pastoral Co of Blackall to feedlotters 314.2c/kg, 360.5kg, $1133.

Angus Ylg Steers sold by Boxgrove of Biddeston to feedlotters 368.2c/kg, 346.0kg, $1274.

Angus X Ylg Steers sold by PL Hodson of Chinchilla to backgrounders 406.2c/kg, 286.1kg, $1162.

Angus Ylg Steers sold by Boxgrove of Biddeston to backgrounders 404.2c/kg, 278.0kg, $1124.

Angus Ylg Steers sold by D & L Spooner of Texas to backgrounders 416.2c/kg, 260.8kg, $1086.

Video with Kevin Way 



lpoipopGrant Daniel Long 

The Dalby Agents are:

Peter Daniel 0428 790 967

Anthony O’Dwyer 0408 195 114

Tom Hukins – 0473 535 633

Braydon Manning – 0429 328 914.

Kevin Way 0448 855 750

Kearin MacDonald 0407 044 877


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