Charters Towers Report

Location: Charters Towers
Yarding: 1345
Report Date: Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Wednesday – 15th  November 2023

Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 1,345 cattle, consisting of 506 Prime cattle and 839 Store cattle.

The Prime cattle consisted of 42 Bullocks, 98 Heifers, 283 Cows and 83 Bulls.

The Store cattle consisted of 551 Steers, 240 Heifers and 48 Cows & Calves.

Cattle comprised of isolated pens of Prime Ox and Cows. The majority of the yarding comprised of lightweight

Cows and the usual number of Bulls. The yarding was drawn from Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Hughenden, Julia Creek, Croydon, Collinsville, as well as local and coastal areas.

Prime Quotes:

Bullocks were quoted 15¢ dearer, Heifers were 20¢ dearer, Cows were 20¢ dearer, and Bulls were 5¢ dearer on last week’s rates.

• Bullocks topped at 208¢/kg for 5 Brahman Ox sold on a/c Paul Minuzzo, “Borgberos”, Charters Towers that weighed 702kg to return $1,461 per head.

• Best Priced trade Heifers were presented on a/c P & L Fryer that sold for 192.2¢/kg and weighed 481kg to return $924 per head.

• The top pen of Cows were sold by a/c Winsper Family Trust, “Korong”, Cloncurry for 186¢/kg, weighing 495kg to return $922 per head.

• Bulls sold on a/c Keats Cattle Co, topped at 180¢/kg and weighed 920kg, to return $1,656 per head.

Store Quotes:
Store cattle were made up of some good quality lines of lightweight weaner Steers and Heifers which sold to a number of interested buyers. Two live exporters were also active on suitable feeder cattle.

• A pen of 18 Steers a/c Nicolaides Pastoral made 270.2¢/kg and weighed 250kg, returning an average of $675 per head.

• A pen of 32 Steers a/c GW & J Shadforth made 322¢/kg and weighed 176kg, returning an average of $566 per head.

• A good pen of 8 Heifers on a/c D & M Folker made 186.2¢/kg, weighed 399kg returning $742 per head.

• A pen of 12 Heifers a/c I Alexander & K Lyon, “Janes Plains”, Basalt made 200¢/kg to weigh 206kg and return $412 per head.

• 7 x 7 Cows & Calves sold on a/c Keir & Co, Townsville returned $900 per unit.

Liams Video Report 



Celebrating a wonderful result with the Somerview Brahmans Team. (L-R) Brian and Glenda Kirkwood, Auctioneer Liam Kirkwood, Glen and Marg Quantock.


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