Location: Blackall
Yarding: 2052 GDL 761
Report Date: Thursday, 16 May 2024

Blackall Sale 16th May

The Blackall Prime & Store sale for the 16/05/2024 saw a good yarding of fat cattle meet a strong panel of buyers than previous weeks.

The Store cattle yarded were extremely mixed in quality.

Blackall Agents yarded 2,074 head. All the regular processors feedlotters and backgrounders present and active.

A mixed quality yarding of steers and heifers penned with a good run of prime condition cows and bullocks.

Light yearling steers under 200kg topped 344c to average 294c/kg. Yearling steers 200 to 280kg averaged 303c and made to 360c/kg.


BF Birchley & RC Birchley “Gartmore” Tambo sold Braford Bullocks for 270.2c at 690kg to return $1,865/hd.

VG & JM Richardson “Moondilla” Quilpie sold Droughtmaster cross Bullocks for 274.2c at 649kg to return $1780.00/hd

Adams & Son “Darracourt” Blackall sold Simmental/Santa cross cow for 232.2c at 754kg to return $1,750/hd.

Wololla Partnership “Wololla” Jericho sold Brahman cross cows for 230.2c at 611kg to return $1,408/hd.

Edley & Jill Fitzgerald “Carella” Jundah sold Santa cows for 230.2c at 595kg to return $1,370/hd.

Cody's Video Report 

Yearling steers 280 to 330kg sold to 350c with the majority selling from 160c to 278c/kg. Yearling steers 330 to 400kg sold from 230c to 332c/kg.

Yearling steers 400 to 480kg topped 296c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers under 200kg made to 306c/kg.

Yearling heifers 200 to 280kg sold from 218c to 302c/kg.

Yearling heifers 280 to 330kg made to 300c/kg. Yearling heifers 330 to 400kg sold from 160c to 302c/kg.

Yearling heifers over 540kg made to 270c/kg. Grown steers 500 to 600kg made to 272c with the over 600kg sold to 274c/kg.

Grown heifers over 540kg sold well to 270c/kg. A quality yarding of prime conditioned cows penned.

The 2 score cows 400 to 520kg sold from 140c to 216c/kg. The 3 score cows over 520kg made to 232c/kg. The best of the heavy weight bulls sold to 240c/kg.




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Cody Trost 0427 737 433
Sterling George 0418 764 251
Ann Russell 0428 204 034

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