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Yarding: 1900
Report Date: Thursday, 16 May 2024



THURSDAY 16th MAY 2024

With only 2 sales in the previous month due to public holidays & Beef Week,

it was perhaps surprising that numbers were not more plentiful in Emerald, where combined agents offered 1900 head for this week’s sale.

Buyer appetite strengthened across near all classes that were suitably represented, however a lack of numbers or a drop in quality will play a part in the results below.

All regular processors were represented & competition improved with heifers being the greatest beneficiaries.

Bullocks over 550kg lifted 19c to peak at 285c, medium & heavy cows lifted 11c with a top of 246c, heifers over 400kg, the top price was paid by processors at 267c to see the average lift 22c, Bulls over 600kg, average improved 6c topping at 240c.

Steers 400/500kg were one class that lost ground by 8c albeit the top price remained at 314c, steers 350/400kg in similar number to last sale improved 26c to top at 320c, steers 280/350kg, numbers fell significantly topping at 392c for a pen of G/Q weaners the average rose 17c, heifers 350/400kg the top price eased 7c however the overall average lifted 14c, heifers 280/350kg in good numbers sold to 250c to a/v 237c up 23c.

Weaner steers under 200kg were too few to quote, Steers 200/280kg limited for numbers and consistency, the few better softer pens rewarded with a high of 386c, however the average eased in line with contributing factors, heifers under 200kg were too few to quote, heifers /280kg limited for numbers the results here potentially not a true reflection of the market with a top of 246c the average firm @ 220c.

Cows & Calves; One dairy unit made $1,140,

A single unit made $750, a pen of larger framed older cows with Euro cross calves around 3 months made $1,200 per unit.


yard pic black hfrs 3

Apsley Cattle Co, Alpha sold a run of Brangus/Brangus X heifers to 250c. The lead weighed 392kg to return $979, they also sold some heavy heifers weighing 514kg to 260c or $1,339.

wh 7 cows 1 330
Whitehead Pastoral Co, Springsure sold Droughtmaster Cows weighing 611kg to 238c, returning $1,456. They also sold Charolais X weaner steers to 344c weighing 247kg or $852




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