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Location: Prime and Store Cattle brought to you by GDL and ROMA SALEYARDS
Yarding: 5044 GDL 877
Report Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2024

Roma Sale Report 14TH May 

With an increase of 825 Roma Agents yarded 4884 head. Quality lines of weaners penned as well as heavier feeders and bullocks.

All the regular processors feedlotters and backgrounders present and active.

The market improved for most categories including light weight yearling steers and heifers and cows improved 7c to 10c/kg.

Light weight yearling steers under 200kg sold mainly from 300c to 448c and averaged 394c/kg. Yearling steers 200 to 280kg topped 444c/kg.

Yearling steers 280 to 330kg also sold well to average 384c and made to 440c/kg.

Yearling steers 330 to 400kg sold from 258c to 416c/kg.Yearling steers 400 to 480kg made from 250c and topping at 364c/kg.

Yearling steers over 480kg sold from 256c to 338c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers under 200kg improved by almost 41c selling to 312c/kg. Yearling heifers 200 to 280kg also sold well sold from 170c to 334c/kg.

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Yearling heifers 280 to 330kg most selling from 220c to 300c/kg. Yearling heifers 330 to 400kg averaged 300c topping at 328c/kg.

Yearling heifers 400 to 480kg also sold to 328c/kg. Yearling heifers over 480kg topped at 304c to average 276c/kg.

Grown steers 400 to 500kg sold from 282c to 344c/kg.

Grown steers 500 to 600kg topped 296c/kg.

Grown steers over 600kg topped 299c with the grown heifers over 540kg made to 310c/kg.

Once again another great line up well conditioned cows on offer which improved in price.

The 2 score cows 400 to 520kg sold from 160c to 224c/kg. The 3 score cows made to 248c/kg.

The best of heavy weight bulls to 274c/kg.

Charbray X Steers 382c/kg, 341kg, $1304.
Charbray X Steers 380c/kg, 338kg, $1286.
Charbray X Steers 420c/kg, 253kg, $1063.
Charbray X Steers 418c/kg, 278kg, $1162.
Angus X Steers 416c/kg, 286kg, $1193.
Simmental X Steers 412c/kg, 298kg, $1228.
Simmental X Steers 424c/kg, 238kg, $1013.
Angus X Steers 406c/kg, 290kg, $1177.
Santa X Steers 408c/kg, 276kg, $1128.

Charolais X Heifers 304c/kg, 340kg, $1034.
Simmental X Heifers 308c/kg, 265kg, $816.
Angus X Heifers 314c/kg, 244kg, $768.
Charolais X Heifers 302c/kg, 361kg, $1091.
Angus X Heifers 312c/kg, 294kg, $919.

Charolais X Cow 246c/kg, 610kg, $1501.
Charolais X Cow 234c/kg, 546kg, $1277.
Hereford X Cow 235c/kg, 685kg, $1611.
Brahman X Cow 240c/kg, 551kg, $1323.
Santa X Cow 235c/kg, 488kg, $1149.



 polulpoipopGrant Daniel Long


NICK SHORTEN – 0429 624 091 

GEOFF MASLEN – 0427 697 527  

SAM CLARKE  -  0429 518 218

ROMA OFFICE – 07 4622 7799


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