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Billabong Droughtmasters Bulls 2020 (DN)

16 bulls at the Droughtmaster National sale.


Billabong/JC will be offering 16 bulls at the Droughtmaster National sale...

Selling 15th September @ CQLX, Gracemere.

Lots 71 to Lot 86 

The run will feature sons of top current sires with Billabong Winchester, Billabong Apollo, Calaanah Brando and Billabong Bastille being represented.

All  bulls have been DNA sire verified, Pompes tested free, Horn/Poll tested, and are JBAS-7 WA.

Below are lot 71 Billabong IKEA (PP) and Lot 74 Billabong-JC Interstellar 

Inspections are welcome any time

Phone  John 0428971212 

Or Anna 0428322272

Run you peepers over this eye catching  draft Buyers 

LOT 71

LOT 71 IKEA is a bull that looks good from every angle and has the true Winchester stamp. His dam has had 5 calves to date including the dam of lot 83 JC Infinity. BILLABONG IKEA (PP) 24mth Sire: Billabong Winchester (PP) Dam: Billabong Sissy 22nd 2128

LOT 73

LOT 73  Irwin is a soft, sirey young bull with a lot of scale and a great temperament. His Dam has produced 10 caves in 10 years including 2 previous sale bulls, BILLABONG IRWIN (Ph) 25mth Sire: Calaanah Brando 487 (P) Dam: Billabong Kassidy-Jane 3rd

 LOT 74

LOT 74  Interstellar is a bull with plenty of beef and power. With a strong sire's head and loads of character this gentle giant is worth an inspection. His dam has produced 3 calves in 3 years. BILLABONG-JC INTERSTELLAR (H) 25mth Sire: Calaanah Brando 487(P) Dam: Billabong Majella 23rd 

LOT 75

LOT 75 Imperial is a soft, tidy bull with a lot of depth. His dam has produced 12 calves including 4 previous sale bulls.BILLABONG IMPERIAL 9237 (PP) SIRE: Calaanah Brando 487 DAM: Billabong 8193

LOT 76

LOT 76 Inglis is a bull with a lot of length and frame with a beautiful tropical coat. his dam had had 5 calves in 5 years. BILLABONG-JC INGLIS(Ph) 25mth Sire: Billabong Winchester(PP) Dam: Billabong Liliputian 6th 2346

LOT 78

LOT 78 Index is displaying all the usual traits of an Apollo son, Index is a long, strong bull with the typical Apollo bomb proof temperament. His dam has had 5 calves in 5 years,BILLABONG-JC INDEX 9198 (Ph) SIRE: Billabong Apollo DAM: Billabong Summer Breeze 3rd 23mth

 LOT 79

LOT 79  Another quality Apollo son with plenty of beef and body. His dam has had 6 calves in 6 years including Grayson($15,000 to C&J Hicks) BILLABONG IOWA 9205(H) SIRE: Billabong Apollo DAM: Billabong Shanika 2nd 7085 22mth.

 LOT 82

LOT 82  Inigo is a very thick young sire with great strength of spine. His dam has had 9 calves in 9 years including 2 previous sale bulls and 1 sale heifer. BILLABONG INIGO 9232(Ph) SIRE: Calaanah Brando 487 DAM: Billabong Storytime 23mth


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